Former Bristol MGP
Public Information Repository
Welcome to the Former Bristol MGP Site Public Information Repository

Former Bristol MGP Picture On behalf of PECO Energy Company (PECO), this public information repository for the former Bristol Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site has been prepared. This site is located at the corner of Linden and Mifflin Streets in Bristol Borough, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

The purpose of this website is to communicate former Bristol MGP activities to representatives of Bristol Borough Council and interested Borough residents. This will be accomplished by the following:
  1. Designating a central point of contact to address questions from the community;
  2. Identifying the schedule and location for open house meetings;
  3. Providing periodic updates to the community through letters, fact sheets and door-to-door communication, as needed and;
  4. Providing public access to site-related documents that are submitted by PECO to Bristol Borough and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP).